About me

I'm a designer and illustrator based in Graz, specializing in playful illustrations, lettering and large-scale murals.

Crafting personalised images and lettered statements infused with vibrant colors and playfulness - that's what sustains my passion.

I'm drawn to handmade creations, boldness and anything that tends to break a bit out from the ordinary.

Publications & Press

WKO Steiermark


Print articles:
Steirische Wirtschaft
Advantage Magazine 
Like it Magazine


Let me realize your next project regarding Murals, Lettering, Illustration, Design, Art Direction and In-House Workshops. I'm always up for creative collaborations! If you have something creative on your mind:

Studio Anja Grohmann
Murals • Lettering • Illustration

Färbergasse 6

8010 Graz