a designer and illustrator living in Graz focussing on playful illustrations, letterings and large scale murals.

I love to work colorful, try out new things and focus on a positive and motivating message. I'm fascinated and enthusiastic about everything that is courageous and stands out from the run-of-the-mill norm.

Teamwork makes the dream work: We match if authenticity, communication at eye level, professionalism and reliability are important to you - because that's exactly what you can expect from me. 

Good to know: As a qualified graphic designer, I have a very good sense of aesthetics, layout and typography. So you don't only get the illustrated pictures, but also the graphic design from me as a cherry on top if required. 

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About Me

  • Born and raised in Salzburg
  • Never not in travel mood (since 2022 we also got our VW "Bustav" to do so) 
  • Can't live without good music, coffee and chocolate
  • Rolling out the yoga mat on a regular basis
  • Has a soft spot for printed and well designed magazines 
  • Dreams of having her own creative concept/poster store combined with a tattoo studio

Events and Publications


Together we can do anything. And being creative in a team is twice as much fun. I'm proud and happy to be part of 

For your project you need further or different creative survices?
No matter if you're looking for animation, copywriting, photography, marketing, personal branding, SEO, social media, UI/UX or webdesign ... I have built up a qualified, competent creative network in the German-speaking area. 

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